Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tricks We Play on Ourselves

These three cones are part of the inheritance I received a few years ago.  Lynn had an eye for a bargain and would routinely buy yarns on deep discount, not necessarily with any project in mind, just because it was 'cheap' and too good a deal to pass on.

When I sorted through her literally rooms full of yarn, I kept pretty much all the linen.  Much of it simply wasn't any longer available and I knew I could use all those singles linen yarns as weft in tea towels.

Since bringing the 600 or so pounds of yarn home (not all of it linen, there is also cotton slub, some of it destined for this towel series, some very fine worsted wool, which will be used to ply my handspun) I have made dozens and dozens of towels from Lynn's linen.  Fine yarn goes a very long way!

This yarn was left until 'last' because it isn't the best quality.  It is primarily tow linen with chaff left in it, but also fluffy bits of what I think are likely cotton.  But there was no information on fibre content with this yarn.  And now I'm determined to use it up so I'm using it 'first' before I can use the 'nicer' yarn in my stash.

The down side of using it is that it is dusting off copious amounts of fibre - something I knew would happen.  It's textured, so selvedges are pretty ratty, but textured yarns will do that.

The up side is that it is getting used up fairly quickly.  I've woven four towels and it looks like the first cone will be enough weft to weave six.  With three cones, I should come pretty close to using most of this yarn up on the two beige (predominantly) warps I've wound with this yarn in mind.  Once this yarn is done I have one large cone of a nicer linen/cotton blend.  And then Lynn's linen will be all used up.

But right now I'm feeling a wee bit like Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoon strip.  Only with fibre, instead of mud...

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Brenda Giesbrecht said...

I'm reading your last two posts, and thinking about some comparisons to my life. Mostly on the idea of doing something you 'have to' in order to get to the things you 'want to'.

I'm in a bind - spending too much time doing things that I know are "right" but resenting them ... and the worst is that they are self-imposed, a legacy from an upbringing rooted deep in community service. I've decided to give myself a 6 month deadline to wrap up the current projects and move on.

Funny how even activities that one likes can sometimes become a burden. A few recent anniversaries, including my own mother's passing, help put life back into perspective. Specific to yarn, I recently found new homes for a far-too-large inherited stash of yarn that I finally admitted I would never use. I think I would have done that with the tow linen - not my favorite to spin or weave!

I admire your perseverance!