Sunday, May 28, 2017

Not Out

The box with the cones holds more of Lynn's yarn, this time cotton slub.  The box with the tubes contains the yarn I brought in to re-sell - when I was still doing that.  That box with the tubes?  It's two layers deep.

So no, I'm not even close to being 'out' of yarn.  And it appears I am also not 'out' of ideas for more stripe sequences.  

I kind of agonized over that purple stripe, but in the end, once the dull blue weft crosses it it should all meld together quite nicely.

The thing about working in a series is that the longer I 'mine' the design, creating new colour combinations, all within the same framework (stripes) the more I push myself, the more adventurous I get with my colour combinations.

This stripe sequence is also challenging because I am using four solids and a variegated.  Sometimes that fourth colour is really, really hard to choose.  Much easier to use 3!

But part of why I do this thing that I do is to push myself, creatively.  One of the ways I do that is in the colours I select to make my textiles.

But I've been working on this series for over a month, now, and so far I have more than 10 warps either woven, wound or planned.  At 10 towels per warp...that's a lot of towels!  More than needed, given the inventory I already have on hand from my push making towels last year, trying to use up Lynn's stash of linen and cotton/linen blends.

So I guess I'll be having a towel sale later in the year.  Just...not right away.  I normally have a sale around my birthday, but I am away the month of June (for all practical purposes), getting home on July 4, dental surgery scheduled for July 15, plus other maintenance appointments.  So it might not be until August.  After that I'm out of town again, plus the craft fair season.  So, who knows, my 'sale' might be in time for Christmas???


Dianne Quimby said...

Are the dark green tubes 2/8 cotton by any chance??? I'm in the need....

Laura Fry said...

No, cotton slub.