Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Team Effort

The pile, she grows...

Doug has been supportive of my efforts in many ways, right from the start.  Over the years he's provided financial support, co-signed loans when I needed to build a credit rating (yes, I'm that old I needed a male person to vouch for me to begin with), built equipment and tools, kept them running, became my sales force and studio assistant for 9 years.  And so much more.

When he 'retired' a few years ago I pointed out that I wouldn't be 'retiring' any time soon and what was he going to do to help this this time?  He decided pressing might be just the thing.

So I have been weaving like a crazy woman, knowing that time is starting to run out.  I'm gone essentially all of June, we are both gone for 3 weeks in September, and I may be away for two weeks in October, returning just in time for the craft fair season.

Needless to say, I am feeling very pressured to get stuff woven - now!  Because it isn't finished when it comes off the loom.  These tea towels need to be run through the washer/dryer, pressed, hemmed, given a final press, then tagged/priced.

I am bringing 10 towels with me to Cape Breton in hopes of getting them hemmed, but the above pile still needs to be wet finished.  I'm hoping Doug will be able to get some (if not all) of them done so I can bring a bin full to Olds for more hemming in the evenings.  

There are still about 25 yards left to weave on the AVL and then I need to do some table runners because I sold out of those last year.  The yarn is bought and waiting for an empty loom.

And I leave Friday evening.  With an empty tea towel loom I'm hoping to get another warp set up so that I can maybe weave a bit on it before I leave (doubtful) but that I can jump onto as soon as I get home.  Well, once I recover from jet lag.

There are six(?) more warps already wound and one more with the colours pulled.  I'm thinking that once I wind that, I need to switch focus - finish weaving off the pulled warps, then empty the AVL.

I'm sure that with a mighty team effort, we'll make it.

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