Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On a Roll

Progress comes slowly, but come it does.  I'm down to about 30 yards left on the AVL, and in between weaving on it, I've been winding more tea towel warps.  Because Stash Reduction!

I still have yarn left from Lynn that is really only suitable for weft, but as such, makes nice towels.  So, more towels are coming down the pipeline.

Doug and a young friend have done some major re-organization at the annex and hopefully this will make it easier for me to see what I have - both in woven textiles and in yarn to be used up - and start to deal with the fact that a big chunk of June - all of it in fact - will be devoted to teaching.  So I need to jump on the production train to get inventory ready for the fall.  

In aid of that, I've just sent in a rather large yarn order, because in order to use up the weft yarns in my stash, I needed more yarns/colours!  It never seems to end...

However, I have at least six warps already wound (yes, I've lost count!), each warp producing 10 towels.  

I'm hoping I can get at least one warp woven before I leave for Cape Breton, which will give me some hand work to do in the evenings (or quiet times during class, should there be any!)

Today is looking - and feeling - positively spring like.  Perhaps the sap/energy is rising in my studio as well as the trees outside.

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