Friday, November 15, 2019

My Way

People sometimes ask me what I will do when I retire.   I have plans.  Of course I do.   But really?  I am leaving myself open to whatever happens.  

There are things I would like to do.   Things I would enjoy doing, but wouldn’t be terribly bothered if they didn’t happen. 

A few people have asked if I’m going to take a vacation or have a break.  I don’t see that happening any time soon because I have to wrap up the business of being a production Weaver.   The annex needs to be cleared out and more stuff sold, given away or tossed.   Because there is not enough room in the studio for it. 

Doug will install more shelving and I have to sort through the bins of teaching samples to see what I need to keep and what should be tossed.  There is a great deal of work to be done so that I can give notice and move out of the annex.  

I had intended to inventory the parts of the AVL and try to sell them but honestly?  I just want them gone.  The piles of loom pieces are taking up a big chunk of my life and I’m tired of the clutter.  

Doug is trying to find a buyer for the large industrial steam press including the baby boiler.  We have given some booth apparatus away, to be taken away at this show, and sold some things.  I’m torn about getting rid of everything when I could use some things at guild events.  But neither will I have much room to store things.

There are boxes of paper that Doug will start shredding.  I need to keep the past seven years worth of year end papers, but the rest can go, along with the estate papers for my brother and mother.  Storing those at the annex meant we just kind of ignored them.  

My lace stash will need to be gone through and organized.  Will I make lace again?  Having an organized stash would make that more likely.  Ditto the spinning stash.  I will order more fibre before I give up my Ashford dealership.  Because why not?

The majority of my weaving stash is already at the house.  There are a few more boxes of things to be moved over.  

We are half way through this final ‘big’ show.  We head for home Monday and I have some health issues to deal with, the guild sale, and the rest of the shut down, including remitting appropriate taxes, closing business accounts, cancelling the business telephone line and so on.

Every day is about making more decisions, shaping what the coming year might look like.  

Every day I look at how to live my life my way. 

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