Saturday, November 30, 2019

One More Day

There was a pretty good turn out this morning for the sale.  All the tea towels I had on half-price sold.  I have three more I will bring in the morning.  There are two painted warp scarves left on half price, and one last shawl.

There is, however, a goodly selection of scarves, both smooth rayon and rayon chenille, plus a small selection of place mats.  One person placed an order for delivery after Christmas because she wanted six and there were only two of the colour she wanted. 

There is a good selection of items still available from a variety of guild members.  We have a good selection of various textile crafts - felting, knitting, spinning and weaving. 

I am really happy that tomorrow will wrap up my craft fair season, and that next year I will be one of the group, not doing the shows on my own.

Doug generously offered to carry everything up to the guild room Friday, and set up the shelves.  All I had to do this morning was set out my inventory on my shelves.  He says that if I pack up what is left in the boxes, he'll tear down the shelves and pack everything out on Monday.

I have made some progress on the fringe twisting.  Tonight I nearly finished the second 'shawl' (the first one is too short for a shawl, so will be offered as a table runner).  Monday and Tuesday I'll focus on the twisting again and get that out of my way so I can dress the Megado with the next text warp.  This time for tea towels.

Again, I'm scaling up - only 24" in the reed, but 50 turns (20 yards) on the beam.  I messed about with twill blocks, didn't like anything I came up with and settled on another 'fancy' twill.  If I don't like the first treadling, I can play with changing the tie up and the treadling.  It's tea towels.  They will work just fine. 

The cone of coppery brown is quite large.  I think it was at least a kilo and I only wove a couple of towels on another warp so there's plenty of yarn left.  Maybe more than one warp will use up.  But 20 yards should make a decent dent in it. 

Time for bed.  Have to be at the guild room by 10 am.  For the last day.

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