Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gone, Gone, Gone!

Well, I finally finished another yarn! This time it's the 3000 yd/pound rayon chenille.

Unfortunately there wasn't quite enough of it to do the length I wove the others so since this one is technically a 'second' I guess I get to keep it. :)

The greens and lavenders show up much more in this photo than they did in the photo of the warp itself, and I think it's really pretty so I'm pleased.

The treadling was a simplified version of the larger threading.

The next treadling will be the whole threading as treadling, done in twill blocks. Each towel will be 4 repeats of the pattern with about 3 inches at each end for the hems. Over all the towel length in the loom will be approximately 34". The width in the reed is about 19". Since the linen won't shrink much in the wet finishing, I expect the finished towels to be approximately 18 x 30" or a bit less.

I've also got some green linen in two ply, so I'll try a couple of table runners using that yarn after I've finished off the last of the singles 12. Whatever warp is left after the linen is woven will be woven off using the singles 6 cotton for weft.

This warp is, once again, 30 yards. I'm sorry to be leaving on Friday as this warp is so pretty I'm going to enjoy every inch of it. :) However, that does mean I've got something to look forward to when I get home. :D

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