Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Got Presents!

After the gift of respite from snow and cold, I even got presents!

The Tucson guild has lovely aprons with pockets, and this year they produced a calendar as a tribute to and in memory of one of their guild members, Harriet Rein. I'm not sure if they sell both, but if anyone is interested I'm sure the info is available through the guild website:

Now if I could only get myself organized to the point where I could fit spinning back into my schedule, I have the perfect apron. :)

It was delightful to be in California and Arizona. I'd visited the LA area previously, but had never been to Arizona. The cloudless sky on the flight between Burbank and Tucson allowed me full overview of the landscape, and awesome it was.

After a delightful stay with Anne and Bruce in CA, I was hosted by two weavers (Elaine, then Dianne) in Tucson. Elaine took me to a rug study group Tuesday morning, then to a museum in the afternoon so that I could see some very interesting exhibits. Wed. saw Rick, Elaine and I heading south of Tucson to visit the St. Xavier Mission, then over to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We had a lovely lunch there then watched the free flight demo in the afternoon. They were flying 4 Harris hawks. These birds have been compromised in some way such that they can no longer live in the wild, but every effort is made to keep their habitat as natural as possible.

Both the LA and Tucson weavers were delightful - open and receptive and very encouraging and welcoming to this Snowbird. :D

I nearly didn't make it home as the Prince George airport began to fog up after the plane left Vancouver, but the pilot was able to set down after all -albeit with a bit of a bump! - and I'm home, looking forward to getting to the loom and using up more of my all too large stash. Of course I do still have to unpack and get the orders ready to mail tomorrow, but that can be done on my weaving breaks. One does have to have their priorities! :^)

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