Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rolling On...

Here is a towel with a twill sequence, showing the hem area leading into the beginning of the pattern.

This is the cloth as it looks rolling onto the cloth storage roller. The towel here was done with a twill block tie up giving more areas of 'solid' colour than the twill lines shown above. Both were done with the same linen as weft, but the light reflects differently so one looks lighter than the other. The twill block towel is about how the towels will look after scouring.

The rayon chenille is nearly used up. Since I'll be doing one more warp like this with the 2/20 and 2/40 doubled at 24 epi, I saved the last of the chenille to do one more Big Scarf on the next warp.

I'm eyeballing how much of the 2/40's is left, trying to figure out how long/wide a warp I can make and really use up the last of it! The problem is that the yarn is so very skinny it's hard to judge how much is left. I may weigh an empty spool to find out approximately how much one weighs then weigh the remaining spools in order to better estimate how much is left, and therefore how many yards there are on the spools.

The boxes for the Birmingham workshops are in the mail, and I'm working on the Columbus, OH warps and will mail those before I leave this Friday. It's been a while since I taught the Magic in the Water workshop, so it needs some serious updating to include some of the new yarns that have become more readily available the last couple of years. It's going to take a bit longer to pull that topic together. The good news is that I'll be doing it twice this spring, so the Boise, ID workshop will be pretty much done by the same effort. :D

Karena is coming in on Monday so I'm trying really hard to finish this warp off so that she can cut and serge it as one of the tasks she can do for me. Running photo copies might be another, if I can get the workshop updates done tomorrow evening. We'll see how it goes. Nothing like deadlines to keep one focused and on track. :}

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