Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love My Fanny!

Leclerc Fanny, that is! :)

Finished the warp on the loom this morning. Here's a picture from the front.

While I don't recommend weaving this close to the reed generally, on this loom and with these yarns I can push beyond the 'sweet spot' in order to get the woven length I need. At this point if I start having a problem with stressing the selvedge threads I'm nearly done, so it's worth the risk in order to get the length I need for my project. :}

And here's the reason why I really love my Fanny - you can see how close to the apron I can weave if I have to. Tension isn't great, but again, worth pushing the equipment and the yarn in order to get the length required to finish my project. :D

It's also good to know just how little loom waste you can get away with if you are working with very expensive - or scarce - yarn...........


Gwen said...

Yikes - that's pretty close! I'm about to measure my first loom waste - I'm sure my number will be in an entirely different ball field! ;)

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Lol. That title sure did give me a good chuckle;)