Thursday, January 8, 2009

Road Trip

Well, I'm nearly ready. Still have a few personal effects to pack. And I fit everything into one suitcase, albeit a very heavy one. I may wind up paying an overweight surcharge when I get to the airport. :(

There are things left undone because this past week I have been reveling in the fact that I am now able to weave like I used to. :D

After the angioplasty, so many medical professionals took care to assure me that I would be 'good as new'. And I wasn't. And I wasn't for so long that I began to doubt that I would ever be able to weave again without struggling and pain. So for me to be able to weave without that has been just - well - I can't think of a good enough word - wonderful? glorious? stupendous? None quite convey how I have been feeling this week.

And so I have been ignoring all except that which could not be ignored, and simply weaving.

A trip to the pharmacy today to pick up some essentials for the trip, and one of the pharmacists made a point of coming to ask me how I was doing. She has been keeping track of me for the past few months. I told Doug that you know you're sick when the pharmacist starts worrying about you! :^) It felt so good to tell her that things finally seem to be on the right track. Since a couple of days before Christmas, my blood pressure has been just about as perfect as one could hope for - other than a couple of days when I appear to have encountered an allergen. Even then, it wasn't particularly high - just higher than target - and an 'extra' anti-histamine seemed to do the trick.

So I am more than ready to head south in hopes of warmer weather, sun and NO SNOW! :D

I'll be back late on the 17th. Will no doubt have a road trip report on the 18th.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great week and finds a little time for fibre work.


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trish said...

Have a wonderful trip!
And glad you are feeling great!