Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bamboo Rain

Shawl #2

In between helping Katie get started I did get the AVL dressed with the Bamboo Rain yarn. It's weaving up co-operatively and looking quite nice on the loom.

The bright pink has been somewhat subdued by the paler purple being used for weft on this shawl. The first shawl I used pink weft and it's pretty bright. But with winter coming soon, bright isn't necessarily a bad thing. :}

I'm going way out on a personal creative limb for the next shawl. I have some dark turquoise dyed and will get over my trepidation and go ahead and weave the next shawl using that for weft. The bobbins are already wound, so I'm committed!

This afternoon, though, is lace. Since my pillow is bare I'll probably just go with pillow, bobbins and some yarn and try to find another bookmark pricking to do. My goal is to have some bookmarks to include in with Christmas cards this year. So far I've made a half dozen but I've also given some away so there is a ways to go before I can meet that goal.

Katie dressed the loom this morning, pretty much by herself. A big step for her as she's not done back to front beaming before and was finding it all a bit overwhelming. However, she has just about finished sleying and it isn't even lunch time yet. :)

On Friday I dressed the loom while she video taped - she is a visual learned and wanted a visual record for reference. Part of that video will be loaded onto my website (it was too large to post on blogspot). Watch for it next week sometime. It will be on the Education page if I remember correctly.

I've offered to let her do a guest post here, so we'll see if she has time.

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Sharon Schulze said...

Go Katie!

Sharon Schulze said...

I love it that you are going out on a limb, Laura. I shall think of you as I weave 8 yards of pale mint green.... (smile)

Laura said...

Well, I may regret it, but....nothing ventured, nothing gained! :^)


Delighted Hands said...

Sounds exciting!

Sharon Schulze said...

How did the dark turquoise weft come out?

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

I'm not 100% in love with it, but will with hold final judgement until after wet finishing. :)

Sharon Schulze said...

The mint green turned out ok - but I'm awfully glad they are earmarked for someone else's towel drawer rather than my own. I do love the pattern, though. If they were purple they would never have a chance of making it anywhere else.