Monday, August 24, 2009

On Intentions

Bamboo Rain (merino, bamboo, silk blend)

I've been toying with the idea of making afghans from the Bamboo Rain yarn. But when I dug out all the boxes and looked at my colours, I realized that afghans weren't likely the most marketable textile to make with these bright pinks, corals, blues and purples.

One of the intended afghans was going to be given to my cousin (her DH died a few days ago and I wanted to give her something comfy/cosy) and while the colours would be good for her in terms of a shawl, I really couldn't see them in an afghan.

So there are intentions and then there is reality and today, reality won out.

I don't generally dress the AVL with less than a 10 yard long warp, so I wound enough spools so that I could do a 20 yard long warp with a rich magenta and a dark purple. The warp will be a straight draw over 16 shafts and I'll play around with some twills and different weft colours. All the yarn has been hand dyed and is not level. Industry does level very well. If I want a true solid, I'll buy it.

Since the yarn has bamboo blended into it and the bamboo doesn't take acid dyes very well the final effect is tweedy, anyway.

Doug is doing the final painting of the main bathroom. I'm still keeping fingers crossed it will be done in time to put everything back together before Katie gets here Thursday afternoon. :}

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Delighted Hands said...

I would love to plunge my hands into that box of fibers! Are you sure they wouldn't work with an afghan if you just toned them down with a heavy dose of brown or grey-the current popular neutrals?

Sandra Rude said...

Yep, industry does their thing, and I do mine. I WANT it to look nonindustrial.