Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Musings

Some of the towels on the towel rack after pressing

Pressing is the sort of job that is necessary, so I do it. It's not something that I love to do, so I play upbeat music (really loudly!) and try not to do more than 90 minutes to two hours at any given time. I find it kind of mind numbing so quite often I use the time while pressing to think things through.

I don't think quickly when I'm trying to unravel a Giordian knot. I'm more of a "look at every facet of the thing" kind of thinker when I'm trying to figure something out, especially something like "where do I go from here" or "what do I really truly want to do with the rest of my life" type of question.

So some of the themes that ran through my head this morning were - how much inventory is too much? What sorts of textiles do I want to make? How much time can I invest in making textiles, now that I don't actually have to scramble to make more (I've got enough inventory for several years worth of craft fairs, after all.)

If I can afford to invest more time in making textiles, can I look at doing things that are, by their very nature, more time consuming (complex threading structures, two shuttles, two warps)? These are techniques that I have pretty much avoided unless I was making something special for myself - not for production.

The question "do I want to weave" remains a very firm yes, so now all I need to do is figure out what sort of textiles I want to make and then chart a new course.

No conclusions yet, but opening the door to new possibilities is the first step. :)


barbara said...

Your tea towels with the hearts are beautiful!!!

Sharon Schulze said...

I love the heart towels, too. And they feel just magnificent after wet finishing. And they hemmed up like a dream!

Don't you just love the feeling of being at the doorstep of something new? When everything is possible and everything works and it's all fresh and new?

Laura said...

Yes, being poised on the brink of new possibilities is - stimulating? exciting? I'm not sure of the exact word to describe it. :)

What an adventure life and weaving is.