Monday, August 3, 2009

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Some of you may remember last January that just as I was weaving up most of my fine yarns I wound up buying a bunch more 20/2 cotton. Well, what could I do? It was on sale after all!

Well, I finally got some of that red 20/2 cotton beamed yesterday. I've got a couple of wefts to use on it. This one is a cotton flake - a lighter version of the two reds in the warp - verging on a deep rose colour. Anyway, the first word that popped into my head when I saw the pattern developing was 'sweet'. :) The other weft is a cottolin in a darker red, closer to the shades in the warp.

And thanks to Tien, who spotted the 'stripe' on the back side of the cloth which I see you can spot in the photo. It was a thread out of it's order in the reed which meant it was floating on the back, but invisible on the front. That is now fixed and I can forge ahead with my Sweetheart Towels.

At the other end of the studio, Tien has been doing some experimenting. She wanted to try some 'interesting' cloth created through wet finishing.

Recently I'd received some yarn that has lycra as part of its construction, but had not had any opportunity to get some samples done. Last night we discussed the yarn and worked up a warp to try some shrinkage differential effects - if they work. :) One never knows until the web hits the water.

I started by weaving a bit using an effect yarn with nops in it - an acrylic or some sort of synthetic, then a little bit of a very fine highly twisted singles wool.

Tien had some ideas she wanted to try, so I showed her where the yarn was in the store room, and she's weaving up some samples now. She has one more full day here, so we're hoping she can do another warp to make an actual scarf based on the sampling in this warp.

We'll also set the lace pillow up for one more bookmark so she can learn another stitch.

Lots of sweat equity in the past few days. :D

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Delighted Hands said...

Great results to a good week.