Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Towels for Sharon

Perhaps it was my cold, perhaps the many days of hot (for us) weather or the poor night's sleep, but this afternoon I lay down for a few minutes and got up an hour later. :}

However I did manage to beam the warp tonight for Sharon to weave on when she arrives. It took somewhat longer than it ought because I wasn't paying attention and allowed the two warp chains to twist around themselves instead of maintaining a nice flat 'ribbon', making it more difficult to keep the threads straight. In total, from the time I inserted the rough sleyed reed into the beater to the time I transferred the cross was 90 minutes - 11 meters long, 24 inches wide, 16/2 cotton at 32 epi.

But it's done and ready to thread. However tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment (will find out how my cholesterol is doing on the Niaspan) and then I go to look at a loom for a new weaver who isn't sure if the loom is complete. It was given to her, but she really doesn't know anything about it.

I also have some admin type stuff that desperately wants doing, so I may work on that in the morning and try to clear it off my desk.

In reviewing Tien's stay she:

wove about 5 yards on a 16/2 cotton warp (tea towels)
wound, dressed the loom and wove off a 5 meter long tea towel warp 8/2 cotton 20 epi
wound, dressed the loom and wove off a 5 meter long sample warp
wound, dressed the loom and wove off a 5 meter long warp for a shawl which she hemmed and wet finished - based on the sample warp
learned Torchon bobbin lace, making 3 bookmarks, learning 4 different stitches
rummaged through my library looking at books and samples, taking lots of photographs
practised a different way of throwing/catching the shuttle, concentrating on ergonomics
practised beating for speed on the tea towels, then for precision on the shawl
practised a different way of threading and sleying

In 5 days. And she called it a 'vacation'. A girl after my own heart. :D


Sharon Schulze said...

Let me just say...


I love the stripes and colors! YAY!

I'm so excited to get a glimpse into the life of a production weaver. It will be a vacation for me, too... any day weaving is a vacation day for me. :-)

Sharon Schulze said...

Um, I meant WHOA about Tien's productivity.... :-)