Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweethearts Again

I know this photo looks strange - it's because I'm weaving the hearts 'up-side-down' and wanted to show them to you right way up. :) This is a picture of the cloth as it is rolling onto the cloth storage roller and the photo is upside down, too.

The towel has 5 hearts in the centre, then a pair on either side for a border with the rest a 1:3 twill that was threaded on the first four shafts. The hearts were theaded on 5-16 in a point progression. The hems are 1:3 twill the same as the area between the rows of hearts.

The draft is the same as for the t-shirts in my CafePress store: http://cafepress.com/fry or the link on my website will take you there too - http://laurafry.com click on Store, then Merchandise.

I've toyed with the idea of breaking the row of hearts into 'blocks' but with one thing and another, just haven't gotten a round tuit. Blame my cold/allergy (there are hundreds of wildfires in BC and I'm sure that we're getting some of the smoke plume from a big one west of us), or the distractions of living and hostessing a student in the midst of a construction zone. Poor Tien has had to deal with it too - not something she anticipated, I'm quite sure.

The good news is that the bathroom is nearly finished - Doug still has some trim work to do, then the room gets a brand new paint job. The floor will likely have to wait until September - two more students arriving this month and no time to deal with flooring in between. :(

So rather than mess with the treadling I've settled on being content with the way they look for the moment. I may change the tie-up/treadling when I change from the cotton flake to the cottolin. Or I may not. Some days it's enough just to be weaving - thinking is a step too far. :}


Sharon Schulze said...

Oh how I wish I could weave hearts on 8 harnesses! I do love the way they look.... :-)

And what a thrill - less than week and I will be leaving the mugginess of North Carolina for the wonders of weaving in northwestern Canada! YAYAYAYAY!

Laura said...

You can weave hearts on 8 shafts - just in a different weave structure. :)

It's cooled off so I think I can guarantee you a respite from hot and muggy. Mind you, our muggy is not to be compared to your muggy! :^)


Joybilee Farm said...

The hearts look beautiful.