Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inching Along

bookmark almost done

I'm surprised this photo came out - not the steadiest on my feet - I was expecting it to be out of focus or blurry cause I zigged or zagged when the shutter opened. :}

However I have managed to pick away at the bookmark the last couple of days. But I spent too much time with my foot down yesterday and am paying for it today. Since I can't take heavy-duty painkillers the best thing for me is to keep my foot elevated as much as possible, so I have been.

Of course having a good book to read helps!

While it's awkward, I've been able to do a little computer time and surfing, finding The Textile Blog by John Hopper.

One of the big holes in my knowledge is any kind of grasp of the history of art, especially textiles. This blog is great - little nuggets of information about textiles, their designers, their influences. Thank you John!


Currently reading A Night Too Dark by Dana Stabenow (set Spider's trilogy aside for the nonce)


Sharon Schulze said...

Oh cool! Another nifty fibery blog to read when the work world gets to be too much.

barbara said...

Hi Laura,
Beautiful Bookmark. Glad to hear you are starting to feel a little more like yourself. I found when I broke my wrist, that it pained a lot more in the cast then I expected. I thought once I had the cast on, I was home free and could do anything .... not the case. Enjoy your reading and thinking time. The Spinners and Weavers of P.E.I. send happy thoughts along to you, they were very sorry to hear of your mishap.
Weaverly yours ..... Barbara

Laura said...

I think the pain is mostly the incisions - that possibly the staples are catching on the padding inside the splint. Hopefully once the staples are removed next Tuesday that the pain will finally subside.

I did finish the bookmark and will start winding bobbins for another. I really like this pricking (design) and have made it in all sorts of colour combos. Lots more of those to explore. :)

enjoying the spring sunshine today

Annie said...

The blue and green is lovely!
Playing with colour in lace is great, isn't it?
Hope the pain will go soon.
Yesterday I was wet finishing my handwoven tea towels and, as usual, thought of you. They came out nicely (I think)