Monday, March 1, 2010

All Sorts

The last half of the painted warp has brighter shades - magentas, lime greens. It rather reminded me of Liquorice Allsorts - a candy popular when I was a kid. Don't know how common they are outside of Canada.

Since I didn't want to mute any of the colours I'm using black weft for the last two scarves. Good enough to eat?

And since I'll be finished this warp today pulled another warp out of the box:

Much more colourful than grey, don't you think?

I will also be beaming the next tea towel warp this afternoon - or at least, that's the plan. But I also have this mountain of wet finishing to do, so since Doug is working late tonight I may go up to the annex after dinner and press some more. Actually got a few placemats hemmed while watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony last night, but still lots to do!


Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

I love these painted warps--great colors! Bet they're fun to weave.

Laura said...
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Laura said...

They are fun and some much needed colour after too many grey days.


Laura said...

Hi Stephen,

Whne I think about a warp to be painted I begin by designing for the finished article. In this case a scarf.

I choose the fibre I want, the set required, and the width in the reed.

In this case the yarn is about a 5/2 grist, set at 20 epi. I wound 180 ends so the width in the reed is 9".

Since I want to do 4 scarves per warp, the warp is wound 10 yards long.

Then I send the warp to the dyer to work the voodoo she does so well and I get back the painted warp to weave.