Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moon Dance, Anyone?

I got the wardrobe.....

This morning, rather early (for me and Doug, that is) I went to the hospital Cast Room and got the staples removed from the incisions, an x-ray taken to check on healing and then got outfitted with a 'moon boot'. Didn't ask how much the boot cost - didn't want to know. :} I'll wait til the bill arrives in the mail.....

No I can't put any weight on my foot yet. Another 3 weeks before I can even think about putting maybe half my weight on it.

But the boot is removeable and I'm to start doing gentle physiotherapy - mostly stretching and flexing the foot in order to keep the ankle muscles limber - as well as some gentle massage. And to let the incisions heal in the air.

Doug is about ready to start loading the van - just waiting on a few more items to pack up. I've woven some on the rigid heddle demonstrator loom so he can now package that up for transport, too.

I ventured down the stairs to the studio yesterday (bum bump, bum bump) and finished threading the last 2 inches on the AVL, then started sleying, but I can see that it's going to be a few more days before I can contemplate weaving. I'll aim for when Doug returns next week. :)

In the meantime I finished hemming a dozen placemats and a table runner, and have a stack of tea towels to do yet.

I'll get Doug to dig that stack of Terry Pratchett's Disc World books that I haven't yet read out of the guest room. That should keep me well occupied while he's away.

Currently reading Masqurade by Terry Pratchett


Hrist said...

Yay! I love Terry Pratchett.

I'm hoping to make it out to Fibres West this weekend, but I have two enormous papers due next week and might not get there. It would be nice to see your lovely work in person, though, I do very much enjoy the pictures of it :)

Jamie said...

Have you read Jane Bites back? wicked funny. And Naomi Novik's books are wonderful.

Laura said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I'll check to see if the library has her books. Mom can pick books up for me. :)


bibliotecaria said...

I've been recently (re)reading Terry Pratchett as well. I do love that man's idea of a footnote.