Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knitting to Pass the Time

Since one of the captain's chairs from the van is currently living in the, er, living room, it got used as the backdrop for this photo of my 'pass time' knitting. And yes, that orange shag carpet is actually going to go -finally - in May. :D YAY!
A major stash enhancement event was the acquisition of about a ton of yarn from a mill that was closing out. Some of that yarn was a very high quality acrylic slub yarn (the white and black in the above photo.) I have this yarn in 3 different colourways and have used it as weft for afghans.
But a 90 pound case (in one instance two cases of one of the colours) is one heck of a lot of yarn so for the last few years I've taken a cone and combining it with various other tidbits of left over weaving yarns, knit scarves that I donate to worthy causes (Salvation Army, women's shelter, emergency room, etc.)
It's my end-of-the-day-watching-tv type of 'creative fidgeting' (as a friend calls it) and it has been a life saver the last few weeks.
I confess I'm getting mighty tired of sitting all day long. :(
But I'm almost at the half way mark and things continue to look good so I'm hopeful that I'll be up and at 'em in a little over 3 weeks. :)
Currently reading Hogfather by Terry Pratchett


Tina said...

I have been checking out a few websites on backstrap weaving. You of course wouldn't be able to "produce a lot" but you could still do some weaving using what you have on hand.

I found everything I needed in the studio. Just a thought

Laura said...

Since Doug didn't sell the rigid heddle loom, I'll have that to work on. Just need help getting it dressed...

Ulrike said...

I do feel with you. I had to sit around last summer for nearly 6 weeks because of my knee. I've sewn and quiltet a king size bedcover for my husband completely by hand while watching all 7 seasons of Star Trek Next Generation on DVD ;o) Not that I suggest, you'd do the same. But maybe you have a TV series you always wanted to watch in whole and never had time for it.

I love Pratchett *g*

I wish you all the patience in the world