Friday, March 26, 2010

No Pictures, Please!

As you can imagine, my days are pretty much devoted to 'nursing' my ankle. Since getting the moon boot, I've left it off as much as possible for the incisions to heal. It's looking much better today, but still a sight to make strong men flinch I think, so I'm not including a photo. :}

The swelling is coming down nicely, and my foot no longer looks like an over-stuffed sausage. It still feels like one, though.

I've been sort of watching a whole lot of tv, knitting some, hemming some, reading some, and put a puzzle out on the dr table. The fact that the sun has been coming out so I can bask in it has been an added bonus after so many grey dreary days this winter.

It's nearly half way through the 6 weeks (like a 5 year old will protest they are 5 and a *half*) and I'm sure that the next 3 and a bit weeks will zoom by very quickly in retrospect.

Like a friend says - it's much nicer to say that you have already done the 6 weeks rather than to say you will do 6 weeks.......(I'm paraphrasing, of course).

Once I can tolerate leaving my foot down I have a stack of paperwork to do, including the class instructions for the workshop in Columbus, Ohio the middle of May. What a pity I'll be out of town for the Great Rug Removal Adventure! :D Doug re-booked his holidays to mid-May so that I will be mobile enough to pack up the living room and dining room contents, which will get stored in one of those mobile storage bins that get parked in one's driveway.

And even though I'll be able to walk after 6 weeks, I've been told by others what have hobbled this road ahead of me that that doesn't mean I'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound - actual recovery to pre-break function will be a year. Not something the surgeon chose to share with me. OTOH, since I require full mobility in order to weave, I still would have opted for the surgery.

What that means is that I'm going to get me a nifty fashion-statement cane and when I travel to Columbus (and perhaps even Complex Weavers/Convergence) I'm going to request pre-board and transportation between gates. The walk in the Vancouver airport alone will be a challenge, never mind what other airports I'll have to scurry through to get from here to there. :} Now I know why the temporary parking pass expires this December and not sooner????

Mom and I will have matching canes and limps for a while, I guess. :}


DebbieB said...

Your positive attitude is inspiring. I have no doubt you'll recover fully, in record time, due to your diligence and determination.

Sandra Rude said...

I'm glad to hear the ankle is coming along - and the swelling is going down. Just remember to take it easy - it's awfully tempting to overdo it too soon (ask me how I know!).

Sharon Schulze said...

Like Mother like daughter! ;-)

Airports will also provide wheelchairs or those oversized motorized golfcart-type vehicles to help you get around. Your situation will surely be one that would warrant that kind of help.

Peg in South Carolina said...

What has not been yet revealed to you is the weeks of physical therapy....... I've been there and am so grateful to the therapist I was given. 3x a week plus doing some of the exercises he gave me 3x a day in between. He wouldn't let me go, nor let me go without a cane, until there was not a hint of a limp. I wish for you as wonderful a physical therapist as I had. I asked him once if I would have to exercise my ankle for the rest of my life. He didn't answer. The answer was yes. The only way to keep the full use of the ankle that I got with all that intense work with the therapist.

Marlene said...

Your booth at the fibre show in Abbotsford looks great. (I was asked by your husband to tell you that). But really, it does. Relax, they're doing a great job. ;-)

Leigh said...

Oh, oh, oh! A truly painful inconvenience. Why does life have to have those anyway? May your healing be swift and may the time for recovery pass quickly!

Laura said...

I also had an broken ankle (not as bad as yours, though). I was out of my cast in 4 weeks, and had an air split for about another 4 weeks. They are a god-send. Light weight, and wearable with certain kinds of shoes, they give much-needed support to atrophied ankle ligaments, etc. If you are not scheduled for PT, make sure to do lots of range of motion exercises while watching TV, Puzzling, knitting, etc. - it's worth it. If you do get PT, work on being the outstanding student!!

With your busy schedule, I'm not sure my chosen method of strengthening would work (I got a puppy, who had to be walked!), but walking will help.

You do have a very good outlook - it think as we age, we tend to think how much worse it could have been (my horse sat on my leg in a trailer, but my ligaments stayed put - broke my leg, tho). Anyway, hang in there!!

Laura said...

Thanks everyone - I'm over the hump, as it were - less than 3 weeks to go in the non-weight bearing phase - and beginning to feel well enough to fuss about not being able to do much of anything. :( And feeling about as useful as a fish with a bicycle.

I think the universe has determined that I'm supposed to learn patience????

not known for being patient