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Friday, March 12, 2010

My Boon Companion

wither thou goest, I go....

Or more accurately, in order to go I go with thou........ :D

My doctor's receptionist was a peach when Doug phoned about getting a temporary handicapped parking permit and informed Doug that the Red Cross has a loaner program for mobility aids. He brought home this lovely blue beast which is allowing me pretty much full range of the upstairs. Yes, there are certain corners in the house I can't get into because the upstairs is also packed with boxes of product for Fibres West March 26/27. :}

After much thought and discussions with friends who are RN's, I've decided that an 8 hour drive - each way - on March 24 and 29 would not be in my best interests so I am working on arrangements to send Doug by himself to the show. I'll be at the other end of his cell phone to answer questions but all in all I think it's best I stay home for this one.

I'm very disappointed because I'd not done this show before and had been really looking forward to doing it. Doug did it by himself last year, too, because I was teaching in Boise, ID but them's the breaks. (I know, baaaad pun!)

Have not felt up to doing much of anything except read a bit and doze. Pain levels should start going down tomorrow at which time I expect to start feeling a little more adventurous. The dining room table is covered with stuff but hopefully when studio elf Mizz B comes on Monday she can be legs for me and fetch and carry. Then I can drag my bobbin lace pillow out and work on the bookmark that's currently on it. I might even give Mizz B some warp winding practice and get her to wind another wool warp for the rigid heddle loom. I think, with her help, I can get it dressed so I can weave on it.

Still shaking my head - once again - at how quickly life can get turned on it's head. How's that saying go? Man makes plans, God laughs?

Over the half way mark in First Lord's Fury - Mom is picking Dana Stabenow's A Night Too Dark up from the library tomorrow. God Bless good books! And good friends. Thanks for all the well wishes. Wish y'all were closer so you could come visit in person, but emails are A Good Thing. :)


Sharon said...

We used to joke when I was growing up, "God willing and the creeks don't rise." In an instant, life changes.

Lynn said...

When I broke my ankle badly a few years ago, I found that a small swiveling office chair was great for zooming around in the house - at least, once I'd taken up the rugs!

Katie said...

Good morning, Laura. Bummer about not getting to go to the show, but you are SO RIGHT to let your body hold the trump card right now. I fully expect you'll have the rigid heddle warped by the end of the day, and manage to weave a few dozen warps off in the next couple weeks - all while reading books at a furious pace, and knitting, too, I imagine. ;-) Keeping your healing in my meditations.

DebbieB said...

Hang in there - rest is the best medicine right now.

Kay - the Never Knitting Crafter said...

Laura - I'm sure this will slow you down until you recover but don't let it get you down. Remember, we are thinking of you and sending our best "get well fast" thoughts.

Peg in South Carolina said...

What a wonderful contraption! Activity is a wonderful pain medication. When I broke my ankle and had surgery for it, I took up knitting again. My poor husband got sent to a yarn store with instructions on what I wanted and I hoped the sales lady would be helpful The yarn turned out to be lovely and the perfect shade of red. I still have and wear the sweater I knit.