Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There are a lot of 2/3's in my life right now. Fer instance - the bookmark is 1/3rd done, so there are 2/3's left to finish it.

But far more important to me right now is that I am 2/3's the way through the 6 week non-weight bearing portion of my recovery.

It has become very clear to me that I will not throw down my crutches and arise fully healed, (or should I say fully heeled - too much Terry Pratchett mayhaps?) but that there are going to be some weeks, perhaps months, left before total recovery.

But that's okay. I *will* recover. Many people live with mobility issues every day of their lives (my neighbour being one of them - boy do I empathize with her right now!)

Mizz B came yesterday and helped me re-assemble the AVL once I finished sleying the tea towel warp. She wound another scarf warp for the rigid heddle loom. She needs to finish weaving her scarf on it, but there's no screaming hurry. I also talked her through beaming the warp I will use in the first stage of my physiotherapy - a 2/8 cotton warp for placemats. Not sure if it is totally ready to go so if not she can finish that next Monday.

It was the longest warp she's beamed so far and we had some adventures but she got it on and threaded. Took her an hour to thread 300 ends - not bad considering it was only about the 4th warp she has threaded so far. I'm giving her Rising Weaving Star status already. Can hardly wait to see what she does once she gets her own loom the end of May. :D

In the meantime I need to order more yarn in for placemat weft and if I do that tomorrow or the next day it should arrive in time for me to start weaving in two weeks. Right now I'm planning one placemat a day and see how it goes.

OTOH, since I have air assist on the AVL and don't need my left foot at all to weave on that loom, I'm hoping that I'll also be able to weave at least one tea towel, perhaps two, a day.

Currently reading Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett (and for fans - I went to his website last night and discovered a new title will be out in September)


Michelle in NM said...

Have you heard there is a new Harry Dresden called Changes. Arrived at the local Borders on 5/5/2010.

Laura said...

I've got a request in to the Library for it - hopefully soon.

Today mom brought Kage Bakers book - I think it's her last of the Company series.

So sad we lost her so soon. :(