Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Use it or Lose it

red and white bookmark completed

Well, I made it down to the AVL today with every intention of weaving two tea towels.

It was made very clear to me that not only has my left calf muscle wasted away, so have many other muscles in my body. :(

About half way through the first tea towel I realized that my arms and shoulders were feeling the fact that they have not been used that way for 5 weeks.

It's truly amazing how quickly muscle tissue disappears when it isn't used, but I've been assured that it will come back quickly once I'm active again.

And so I went ahead and wove two towels. My neck is aching a bit now, so instead of weaving three tomorrow I'll probably just do two more towels and call it a day. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

The really good news is that my ankle is a tiny bit more flexible every day and pain levels have not gone up significantly with the activity I've done so far.

Really hoping that I won't need months of physio and that I'll soon be back to 'normal'.

Currently reading Not Less Than Gods by Kage Baker - will have to ask Doug to pull some more Terry Pratchett out of his office 'cause I can't get to them myself


Sandra Rude said...

The bookmark is lovely. Do please remember not to push yourself too hard at first - it does take a while to get back what you lost through inactivity. Take it easy!

Laura said...

Yes, I'm finding that out. :(

I'm also a bit afraid that I've grown accustomed to inactivity. :}