Friday, April 30, 2010

Yarn Sources

Sharon asked where she could obtain the fine cotton slub I like for towels and other household textiles. Click on the photos for a close up.
The reason I like this yarn is that it is finer than most slubs I've seen from other suppliers which means that I can make a lighter weight textile. :) Generally speaking, you cannot make a thin cloth from fat yarns.....
This yarn is 100% cotton, comes on 8 ounce tubes with approx. 1875 yards per tube. I use it singly for towels, or combine it with other yarns to make a fat weft for placemats. When using a 2/8 cotton warp I set that at 24 for twill and this yarn beats in nicely at about 20 to 24 epi depending on weave structure and how dense you are aiming for. The Spring Towels on the AVL are beating in nicely at 22 ppi.
As it happens I sell this yarn. It comes in a limited selection of colours as shown above. I don't stock every colour - I don't 'love' every shade it comes in - but can get it.
The price is $11/tube (Canadian). I can also get the bleached and natural on 2 pound cones (approx.) at a retail price of $20.00 per pound. I do take Paypal payments and would be happy to take orders. I'll be putting an order in to the supplier over the weekend. If anyone wants to order some of this yarn, 2/8 cotton (warp twist) or cotton boucle please contact me by email: lauraATlaurafryDOTcom.
If there is interest I can put the colour cards for the 2/16, 2/8, 4/8, 8/8 and cotton boucle on my blog too. This yarn comes in 70+ colours and the 2/8 was what I used for the colour gamp kits.

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PattyAnne said...

Thanks so much for the info on which yarns you use! Will you be shipping to the US?

Also, I LOVE (and learn from) your helpful comments on the Yahoo Weaving board!