Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Progress - sloowly, slooowly

After having a good wallow in my disappointment yesterday, I woke up this morning (having had 7 hours of sleep - hooray!) determined to surrender to what is, instead of struggling with what isn't....
A friend who is an RN commented that I needed to toughen the tender bones, so once I was dressed this morning I put the moon boot on and hobbled, using the walker to support myself, up and down the hallway and into the kitchen and lr for a change of scene. Managed about 5 minutes before my toes started to tingle and decided that was probably enough to begin with.
Then I went down to the studio and started weaving on the placemat warp. And right away noticed that weaving was easier today than it had been yesterday. So I counted that as real progress, no matter that I only managed 3 mats before deciding that that was probably enough for today.
After lunch I went back down to the studio and found that I could actually put a little bit of weight on my foot without wearing the boot while using the crutches. (No room for the walker through the pathways!) So again, a tiny bit of progress.
In the end I managed to thread the entire warp in one sitting before deciding that my foot had been down long enough.
The colours in the photo are not true - my camera seems to have a thing about not representing blues very well. The warp is in reality less yellow and more mauve/blue than what you see in the photo. I think I'm going to go with the natural white cotton slub and a very simple twill block progression. The warp is threaded point over all 16 shafts.
I took the 9 colours from the pastel kit and set them up randomly on the spool rack and then threaded them 'randomly'. In other words, I just made sure that no two adjacent ends were the same colour.
Since there were only 9 colours (two spools each) the warp was beamed at 18 ends per section but I'll sley the warp at 24. With this 2/8 cotton I can fudge the width so I'm not anticipating any difficulty reducing it from 26" on the beam to 19.5 in the reed.
After all of the above activity my foot hasn't even swollen up too badly so I'm going to go for 4 mats tomorrow and see how it goes.


Sandra Rude said...

Progress is progress, no matter how small :-)

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I'm glad to hear you're weaving again, and seeing a bit of improvement each day. Athletes in training are told to increase by 10% per WEEK so their bodies can adjust without injury. You're doing great so far!

Laura said...

wow - 10% per week? That adds a new perspective to recovery! :D


Sharon Schulze said...

Ahhhhh... I took off work today and spent the whole day weaving. I had beamed a 1200 end warp (more ends than I've ever done before!) for a double weave pillow that will go on the hammock. It was so so so good to be back at the loom after many weeks of work keeping me away. And weaving a pillow for the hammock was extra restful because I kept thinking about how on my next day off (assuming it isn't raining as it was today) I can spend time in the hammock using the pillow from today!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the other half of the warp... I had a 3-yard warp already wound so I used that but the two pillows used up less than half of that. I'm wondering if I should keep making pillows (what I will do with 4 hammock pillows I don't know...) or if I should just make a tub and turn that into a pillow after it's off the loom. Or maybe a pet bed? Awful lot of work for a pet bed, I guess....

I suppose I shall sleep on it and figure something out. :-)

Oh, and my motivation for posting that: I thought of you all day as I sat at the loom. Thought of you as I managed to thread all those ends in such a relatively short time despite tangles, thought of you working with an injury, thought of the time in Canada last summer and wondering if I could get away with going away for a week again this year! I hope you can continue to focus on the progress and enjoy the gains!

:-) :-) :-)