Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bunch o' Bookmarks

Don't know if two and a bit bookmarks can legally be called a 'bunch', but oh well...

I've made this pattern numerous times, in a variety of colour combinations. It's sort of a colour exercise because depending on the stitch (woven structure) the colours can read quite differently. Click on the photo for a close up.

The blue and white bookmark looked quite incipid on the white pricking, but really pops on the dark blue cushion.

A friend in England has a lace supply business and I can get bookmark sleeves from her. As soon as I'm mobile I'll dig through the mountain of boxes hiding my lace supplies with the sleeves in it so I can file the bookmarks I've managed to make so far in their protective sleeves.

What do I do with them? I give them away. It takes me several hours to make one - which means that if I were to sell them I'd have to charge about $30. I doubt very much anyone is willing to pay that much for a bookmark so rather than offer them and be rebuffed, or charge way too little to reflect the time and effort that goes into them, they are used as gifts.

The good news is that I'm able to tolerate having my foot down for longer periods of time (although I think I've hit my limit for today) so working at the computer or the lace isn't so uncomfortable. Just nine more sleeps and I see the surgeon who will hopefully allow me to put weight on my foot so I can start doing things again. :}

On Monday when Mizz B comes I'll get her to set the studio up so that I can wind bobbins and I'm going to try to weave a tea towel on the AVL. It's been a long (almost) 5 weeks away from the studio.

Currently reading Eric by Terry Pratchett.

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