Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Thread Under Tension...

is a thread under control.

Kati Meek has reprinted her book Warp With A Trapeze.

She describes herself as a 'lazy' weaver in the same way I call myself lazy. I don't want to do any more work than I absolutely have to. The process of weaving is complex enough that using inefficient processes and equipment can add serious time to the whole enchilada.

I was first exposed to the tool I call a warping valet (because that was the translation provided to me) in Sweden in 2001.

It was a smack-me-upside-the-head sort of experience. Of course this tool needed to be introduced to my studio! No more requirement for assistance for long/wide warps - I could be completely independant of needing helping hands.

Now any time I beam a warp longer than 3 yards and/or wider than 15 inches I use the warping valet.

Over the years I've tweaked the process - I was never shown how to use the tool, just saw it mounted on some looms in a studio in southern Sweden - and my process is somewhat different from Kati's, but not in any major way.

Rather than use a raddle, I rough sley a reed and mount that into the beater with the valet positioned at the front of the loom. My valet is mounted into the ceiling - not something that is practical for many people. Therefore mounting the apparatus onto the loom itself is probably the way to go for most.

But this book has more than just how to use a trapeze/valet. Kati also talks about how to sit and beat to reduce stress (the same way I do) and how to hold and throw the shuttle (the same way I do).

It's nice to have confirmation that other weavers have found the same processes as efficient as I find them. :)

Kati also shows how to install a free weight braking system. I first saw this in Allen Fannin's Handloom Weaving Technology, but Kati provides much more information and lots of pictures to help someone install one on their loom.

Overall a very handy resource.

More information on Kati's blog

ps - I will be at John C. Campbell Folk School Jan. 9-15 2011 giving a workshop The Efficient Weaver and will be doing some seminars at NEWS, ditto.


barbara said...

Hi Laura,
Sorry to hear your May workshop got canceled. As you say, the price of air travel is putting various things "out of reach" for organizations. Yes, your recuperation gets longer as each day go by; just remember you are not sitting around doing nothing ..... you are sitting around giving your body a chance to heal! Bones need very special treatment to hear - and you will be glad you took the time to heal properly. I know it can be frustrating, especially for someone like you that works at the speed of light!!!! Each day is one day closer to being fully recovered!!!!! Sure hope Doug is feeling better. Enjoy the Easter Weekend, hopefully both the East & West Coast will see sunshine.
Weaverly yours ..... Barbara

Laura said...

Thanks Barbara - you're right - I am forgetting my focus, which needs to be on healing right now. :)

Doug is feeling much better, thankfully, and I seem to have dodged the bullet - so far! :^)

At least I can tolerate having my foot down for short periods, so I managed to update my Schedule page today.

Back to the armchair, my book, and my pillows to elevate foot/leg.