Monday, April 12, 2010

One Step Forward

Mizz B is here and helped get the studio sorted out so that I could wind bobbins. Found an old 'sloppy' sock of Doug's and slipped that onto my foot which I rest on the top of the box housing the fly shuttle air switches when I'm not weaving with the fly shuttle.

Things went fairly well and I had originally intended to weave two towels so that I could get Mizz B to help cut the apron out and put a storage roller on but decided that perhaps that, along with bobbin winding and tieing the warp onto the apron etc., was quite possibly a bit much for a first day back in the studio. So I stopped at one.

Not totally in love with this warp - oranges are not really 'my' colours - but the linen weft mutes them a bit so.........besides, this is by way of being a therapy warp (mental if nothing else!) so it doesn't really matter about whether or not I'm in love with the colours.

Point of fact, these towels would probably look really good in my kitchen with the rosewood cabinets and soon to be cork floors. :) So who knows, I may keep a couple for myself.

I'm really hoping this warp will use up the rest of the extremely fine linen - or use up enough that I can justify recycling the rest(?) - and then move on to the rayon chenille Diversifed Plain Weave warp.

But we will see. I really need to be harsh about my stash and either use it up or pass it on. Since Mizz B is doing so well I may bequeath some of it to her. We'll see what she likes to work with and if she's at all interested in being creative with yarns that I'm bored with.

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Maggie said...

You got to weave! Yay! I had a smashed knee cap in a car accident once, and as soon as I was able, I quilted like a woman possessed! I totally understand how you feel. Take it as easy as you can!

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

But oranges can be combined with many other colours for very interesting effects - try purple, for instance! (and that would also be an excuse to buy some more yarn, right?)

Anonymous said...

If they don't work in your kitchen, they'd be perfect in mine ;-)

Benita said...

The towel looks like peaches and cream - with chocolate!!! I love it!