Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unmercerized Warp Twist Cotton

The above yarn comes in 2/16, 2/8, 4/8 and 8/8 sizes. It is unmercerized and warp twist format, so plenty strong enough for warp in all sizes.
The 2/16 size is the one I use most commonly for towels, set at 32 with a cottolin weft. This combination makes simply great towels. I've also used it for garments. If you have a copy of Magic in the Water, the three piece suit (honeycomb jacket, blouse and pants) was made with marine blue 2/16 cotton as warp and weft for the blouse, 2/8 cotton weft for the pants and the jacket was made with cotton chenille for the outlining threads and 2/20 merc. cotton for the cell wefts.
The 2/8 size is commonly used for table textiles - placemats, table runners and so on.
I've used the 4/8 size for placemats with more heft, e.g when someone wants a really thick mat to protect a wooden table from heat.
The 8/8 size I've used for rug warp or a thick weft for placemats.
Generally these yarns are dye fast, although I have had rare instances of dye running. I always assume that there will be fugitive dye and wet finish accordingly, but this brand of yarns has a pretty decent track record.
I can't guarantee that you will see the colours 'true'. If you are interested in this yarn and getting the absolutely correct colour is crucial, it's always best to check the actual yarn. Of course there is always dye lot differences, so even checking an actual colour card may not guarantee a perfect match, one dye lot to the next.
The finer weights (2/16, 2/8 and 4/8) come on 8 ounce tubes at $10/tube (Canadian). The thicker weight (8/8) comes on one pound tubes at $20/tube.
It is also possible to get any of these colours in a nice weight boucle. The tubes are 8 ounces and the price is $13.00 per tube.
I have a few colour cards - if you would like to have one, I'd be happy to mail one to you.


Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time finding 8/8 rug warp and I noticed from a search i did that you are saying you can get it. By the looks of your typing you aren't in the U.S., correct? Please let me know if you are and if so, where did you purchase the 8/8 cotton warp. Thank you

Laura Fry said...

I get my yarns from Maurice Brassard in Quebec. Try R&M Yarns in Tennessee or The Yarn Barn (I think in Kansas).