Friday, May 7, 2010

Tiny Steps

threaded warp

close up of warp stripes - click for bigger image so you can see all the colours better - there are 9 of them in this warp

Yesterday I finished the 'spring' towels. This morning I beamed the next towel warp. This time I did 15 yards because I blew through the last warp pretty quickly. :} This one should go fairly fast, too, so I figured I'd put a little extra on the loom. Besides I was quite happy with the striped design even though these are, once again, not 'my' colours. The weft will be a rayon/linen boucle' woven in plain weave.

I am now able to stand and even walk a short distance unsupported but I spent too much time on my feet this morning so by the time I got to physio my ankle was rather swollen. :( Which may not have been a bad thing because they told me to come back next week. :} I'm actually kind of glad because I don't think I'm quite ready to be cut loose yet. While up and down movement is much improved, side to side is still pretty tight and winding the next placemat warp last night I could really feel how tight it was as I rocked slightly back and forth, winding. Was really glad that Mizz B had done 2/3's of the warp for me!

It's also clear that the wisdom of the universe was working when my teaching dates this month got cancelled. Obviously I would not have fared well travelling a long distance cramped in an airplane, then spending days on my feet.

My concerns about income have been somewhat allayed as the Studio Shoppe says I've had some sales (don't know if they mean more than the four scarves I already know about) and today a client came - construction chaos and all - and bought eight tea towels! She even refused the discount I was going to give her! :D Would that all customers were so generous!!!

Doug has been a trooper and made steady progress yesterday and today sorting drawers and packing up the living room contents. I'm still pretty useless other than to urge him to throw things away or give them to the railway museum garage sale. He delivered a bunch of stuff today and there may be more to go next weekend. There is only one week left before he has his time off to actually do the work of first removing the current flooring, then installing the cork.

Things are going to get stressful very soon now. :} I mean, what am I going to do without my handwork???

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Tina said...

I too find it hard to use colors that aren't "mine". I am trying hard to think out of my blue box.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I'm so glad you are continuing with physio and delighted to see your continuing progress. You are getting an amazing amount of work done. The word verification is "wining" - add an h and you've got whining, which you certainly aren't. Add another n and you've got winning, which you certainly are!

aRt cHiCk said...

i love your photo of the warp! : )