Saturday, May 1, 2010

Small Victories

Next placemat warp. This one is one end of yellow, one end of a pale orange for the warp. The weft is a bundle of 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 ivory and 2 ivory slub. It looks much prettier in person. :)

One of the things I've learned the past 8 weeks is that recovery from trauma is not accomplished in a single bound, exclaiming ta-DAA!

It is, rather, a serious of small victories, some of them almost too tiny to notice.

Last Sunday I was able to stand with my weight equally distributed on both feet. On Monday I had my first physio therapy session and was given an exercise to help loosen my extremely stiff ankle. Gradually I was able to bend it a tiny bit further which made 'walking' and sitting much easier. One doesn't think about how much the ankle is flexed in order to sit and then stand up again, never mind walking. :}

Yesterday I had my second physio therapy session and was given two more exercises to build strength and yet more flexibility, this time side to side. By Friday I found I was able to hobble a few steps without support - no boot, no walker, no crutches.

But I am far from 'recovered'. It was only this morning that I was able to get into one of my own socks rather than Doug's 'sloppy' sock, and I still can't wear any of my shoes on my left foot except for a flip flop. I was able to force my ballet slipper on so that I could weave for a while this afternoon. Almost felt like a real weaver at that point! :D

I'll go back to physio therapy once more and then basically I'll be on my own to continue the stretches and strength exercises.

I will continue to wear the moon boot when I leave the house for a while. My ankle is still extremely sensitive to touch and an RN friend has cautioned me to be very careful not to twist my ankle. Wearing the boot and using a crutch (or crutches or eventually cane) lets the people around me know that I've got a problem and hopefully they will steer a wide berth around me. :}

On May 8th I have a 'fancy' function to attend. (I've been nominated for the local Art Gallery of Honour - extremely doubtful I'll make it in, given the competition!) I'll wear the boot because I don't know how much standing schmoozing we'll do or how crowded it will be. After that I think I'll see if I can leave the boot off when I leave the house.

Besides, if I still can't fit into one of my regular shoes, no one can fault me for wearing the boot. :^) It's basic black so it will go with the long black dress I'll be wearing. The aluminum crutches should make an 'interesting' accessory. :)

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Hrist said...

You could always wrap the crutches in pretty yarn . ..

Sharon Schulze said...

Hi Laura,

When you use a bundle of threads like that, how do you wind the bobbin? Do you just hold all the threads together and wind them on one? And if you do that, do you sometimes have problems with some threads sagging as you weave?

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

Yes, I just wind them all on the bobbin at once. And yes, some of the threads are longer than others. Most of the time it pretty much equals out, but if there is a loop I just double it back on itself and lay it into the shed.

Since I'm using textured yarns as part of the package anyway, a little extra 'texture' doesn't seem out of place.

As always, your mileage may vary. :)


Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

Congratulations! At least the boot will be a conversation piece for schmoozing people. I see a cocktail dress with a beautiful (blue?) boot...

Peg in South Carolina said...

I simply cannot believe that you are being released from physical therapy before you are walking totally normally! Both with my broken ankle and my broken leg the therapist kept me coming until I was walking correctly. It meant monthly calls to my physician to approve my continuing but he got the approvals. I hated hated hated going 3 days a week. My life was devoted to exercise, or so it seemed at the time. But it paid off. I would suggest you talk to your surgeon about continuing the therapy.