Monday, May 17, 2010

Working Hard!

no, I'm not supervising - just snapping a picture!

Doug asked me today if I'd gotten a 'before' picture of the lr/dr and since he's just about finished removing the carpet and expunging the underlay, thought I'd get a quick snap of him hard at work. :)

The underlay is, as we expected, not much more than a layer of kernals. Doug is removing the baseboard and tacking strip here in preparation to vacuuming up as much of the underlay as he can.

he gets to pull staples. And pull staples. And pull more staples. :} That carpet was not going to come up without a whole lot of effort!!!

He will go over the sub-floor to eliminate squeaks (we've noticed a few over the years) and will then screw the sub-floor down.

We didn't get all of the clutter removed but the rest I'll deal with later.

In the meantime the drapes are down and I'll wash and re-hang once the new floor is installed. When we moved in I chose the least expensive option I could find which was to have drapes made from cotton/poly lining fabric, decorated with some grosgrain ribbon. 35 years later they are a little faded, but good enough for now. I'll decide later if I want to spring for new drapes or not.

And yes, I had intended to weave my own drapery fabric, but - well, I've woven window coverings for my studio and several other rooms in the house. I think that perhaps I'll pass on the lr/dr drapes after all. :^)

The good news is that after a long talk with my doctor today I lucked into an appointment on this coming Friday for the procedure I've been waiting for. Finally - some answers - soon! :D


Sandra Rude said...

All best wishes from me to you!

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

The floor looks better already!

barbara said...

Good luck with your procedure on Friday - great to "luck into" an appointment. Will be thinking about you. Weaverly yours..... Barbara

P.S. What a difference new flooring is going to make!!!

Axxman said...

The Nail Hunter is designed for these staple pulling scenarios!

Laura said...

yes, and his name is Doug. :^)

Big load off my mind getting the appointment and so quickly. :D


Benita said...

You are so gonna love having that carpet gone. Yes, it's hard work (I did the same thing last summer) but BOY is it worth it!!!