Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Camp?

peach placemats begun
So, one of the things I've been thinking about was offering classes here in Prince George - weaving summer camp, if you will.
Of course I would need to know if anyone at all would be interested in travelling here for 2-5 days of intensive weaving instruction. 'Here' is about 400 miles north of the US/Canada border in central BC (Canada).
It would mean holding the 'camp' between mid-June to the end of August so that I could rent the guild room for the classes.
Actually June is a great time to come here - our days are long, not usually terribly hot yet, the guild room could have 6 to 8 students comfortably, more if we squeezed, and the guild room is located fairly close to motels and restaurants. The guild also has looms that could be rented by students.
Obviously the idea is too late for this year, but anyone interested in next?
If you have family or friends who like the great outdoors there is plenty to do - hiking trails abound, fishing lakes are within easy driving distance, Jasper Park is about a five hour drive away. More info here:


PattyAnne said...

I wish I lived closer! When are tou coming to John C Campbell? Can't wait!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

That's something I would love to do! Unfortunately, this summer is booked already. Maybe I'll have figured out how to warp my loom by next summer. : )

Jennifer said...

I would be seriously interested in a camp like this next summer. June would be a good time for me, but July would work too.

Laura said...

I'll be at JCC Folk School Jan 9-15 - if there are sufficient registrations. :)

The class isn't listed (or wasn't the last time I looked) but if anyone is interested contact Pam Howard and let her know.


Sharon Schulze said...

I cannot imagine anything more fun and exciting than a "week" in Prince George weaving!!!!


Anne Niles Davenport said...

Certainly, I'd like to come up to study with you. I live on Whidbey Island, Washington, USA, so getting there wouldn't be too onerous. I'd be interested especially in the ergonomics/efficiency topics, and in working on multi-harness computer-assisted looms.

SILK-AND-JOY said...

I would love to come,for learning to weave and to explore your beautiful country. But the way from Germany is a bit to long :-)
I am learning to weave in June in a class nearby and my new loom (8 shaft ashford tableloom) is waiting in my sewing room. I am so exited about the posibilities of weaving- some I found on your blog! I will visit you here from now on and hope to show my first weaving project soon.
Best regards