Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Stress, Bad Stress

This is a photo taken from the dining room toward the living room.
It was a pretty stressful day all in all. It started with a trip to the surgeon to have two recalcitrant sutures removed because they were not dissolving properly and were impeding healing of the incision. In the end it was a much simpler procedure than the last two sutures. :)
Then we went for brunch and came home to tackle Clutter Mountain.
Since Doug is working one more shift tomorrow I did not expect that he was going to try to clear out the dining room and living room furniture today so I had a few bad moments visualizing my handwork basket and chair disappearing with nothing to do tomorrow. Well, it's not that I wouldn't have something to do - it's just that my handwork is my comfort zone and I wasn't prepared for it to go away today!
Doug was stressed because I hadn't cleared as much clutter away as he'd hoped (because I thought I had one more day to deal with it!) and he wound up doing a lot of that himself. Even so I was on my feet way too much. I did try to wind a warp but gave up half way through. I can finish it tomorrow, after all. That was the extent of studio work for the day. :(
Anyway, while it was stressful it was in a good cause. Because that orange shag carpet is 40 years old and It Must Go!
Sunday Doug will dismantle the 'entertainment centre' (so to speak) and call his friend to come back and help him move the last few pieces of furtniture out into the storage bin. I don't know how quickly that will happen - if he will start ripping the carpet out Sunday or wait until Monday. At least I think the plan is to do the lr/dr first. Sometimes he changes his mind and thinks he's told me what he's up to without actually saying the words - out loud. :^)
Mizz B isn't coming Monday and I have another trip to my family doctor in the afternoon - can we please just get me fixed so I don't have to keep trekking down to see my doctor? I mean, he's a lovely man and his receptionist is a dear, but really - please fix me? I know, I know, I gotta wait my turn......
I was really hoping I'd be out of town for this part of the renovations, but the best I can manage is an afternoon with my 'lace ladies' on Sunday. Since all my bobbin lace stuff is in the storage bin I'll take a bag of hand hemming to do.
One of the things I plan on doing during the construction is to work on my finishing pile, going to the annex and pressing as many of the towels and placemats I've woven as I can. Since I'm still useless as a carpenter's helper it's just better if I absent myself entirely. :)
And work on transcribing WeaveCast. In the office. With the door closed.


Valerie said...

Ah, I know what you mean. We need new carpet as well, but the thought of moving everything is daunting.

Tearing up carpet does kick up a lot of particulates. If you have any breathing problems or allergies, it's probably best to be away anyway...

Here's to the comfort of handwork.

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

I need new carpet, also. And new paint. But I know how long things will be out of sync if I start the project, so the clutter remains. Good for you!

I have a question about finding studio help, and since you mention Mizz B, I'm wondering if you have any advice, thoughts. You can email me privately. I don't know where to start on this project either.