Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Green

The flash on the camera kind of washed this warp of colour. The light yarn in the warp is a bright spring green which I've also used in the weft bundle and in which it doesn't really show at all.

However, I think the colour combination will go quite nicely with the pottery glaze called celadon so even though once again this isn't really 'my' colour I think it will go with some green dishes. If there are such things these days. Oh well, cream dishes would look good on them, too.

And they'll look nice displayed with the peach place mats, so...........

Today I finished the towel warp on the AVL. I had thought there were only two towels left to do but lo and behold, there was sufficient warp for four. :} Anyway, I finished the last one after dinner, then dressed the small loom and tested my colours for the placemats. Now I think I'm going to call it a night as Doug will be home from work in about half an hour. It's his final shift before his 3 weeks 'off'. Hopefully the floors will come up and go down quickly and painlessly.

Tomorrow I've got a couple of events to go to so I expect that the only studio work I'll do is maybe weave a few place mats.

On the ankle front, I've been able to walk up stairs for about a week. Today I can almost sort of go down them. Only gingerly and with my left foot placed at a particular angle, but still. This feels like a big step forward.

The last exercises given by the physio therapist were strengthening ones and every day I feel my foot and ankle are a little stronger than before. Monday it will be 10 weeks since I fell and broke it. I'm hoping that at the end of 12 weeks I'll be able to walk with a cane instead of crutches although I'll take both to Alberta for the conference. Just in case. ;)

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