Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Of Setbacks and Silver Linings

This the the view from my living room window for the next month. :) After living in this house since 1975, we are finally (finally!) replacing the orange shag carpet in the lr/dr!!!

The storage bin was delivered yesterday and I'm hoping Doug will start moving boxes out there soon so we can carry on with packing stuff up.

While I readily admit that I'm not looking forward to the house being torn apart, I am looking forward to the new cork flooring that we'll be putting down (did I say "we"? I meant "he") in the hall, bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room.

I'm even considering buying a Roomba (sp?) to do the daily (ahem) vacuuming. It's our anniversary in the 9th - our 40th - so I figure something special is in order. :D

Silver lining #1 is that the railway museum is having their garage sale at the end of the month and I'm going to be brutal packing up some of our things which will head for the museum, never to darken my cupboards again.

As for setbacks - well, have you ever done something you know is totally stupid but you stubbornly go ahead and do it anyway?

Well I do. On a regular basis, sorry to say...

On Sunday I was determined to go and press a bunch of placemats. Unfortunately it's very difficult to carry a bucket of stuff when you're using crutches. But I put my boot on and drove up there, then knowing totally better, I propped the buckets (one at a time) on my left hip while I hippy-hopped with one crutch into the annex.

Yes, I put my lower back 'out'. Yes, it hurts. No, I couldn't really stand and I certainly didn't feel up to weaving yesterday, even after a chiropractic adjustment. :( It was a little improved this morning but still didn't feel great so I went back for another adjustment this morning. By 2 pm I was fed up with sitting with alternating ice and hot packs and decided that weaving might just be a good thing to do - it would gently work those lumbar muscles that had gone into spasm.

I managed to do my minimum pt weaving this afternoon and felt no worse for it, and perhaps even a little better, so I'm going to finish off that warp tomorrow so Mizz B can put her shawl onto the loom tomorrow night.

After beating myself up yesterday about being so silly I decided that putting my back out maybe wasn't such a bad thing after all. Why? Because I've been able to put pretty much my full weight onto my left foot since Saturday and if I hadn't hurt my back Sunday I probably would have set the walker and crutches aside and done too much too soon without them. :} As it is I'm walking but only with support and feeling my ankle getting stronger every day - without stressing it too much with my overly optimistic expectations.

Besides, I can weave, so........

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Sandra Rude said...

Okay, that "too much, too soon" stuff has to stop!

barbara said...

Oh the lessons we learn!!! I am sitting here with a carboy of wine to filter; and don't dare lift it on a chair to filter it ...... people say call and they will come and lift the carboy onto the chair. Do you have someone take 1/2 an hour out of their life to lift a carboy. When I have company, I either don't think about it, or think I have to filter right away, once it the carboy is on the chair ...... my thinking has now changed, the next person with a stronger back can lift the carboy onto a chair, and I can filter the wine in a day or two. Last batch of wine to be made at home - have been making wine for 18+ years ...... now go to the local wine shop, they can do the heavy lifting. We do learn what our limits are.

Take care Laura! Wow cork flooring over orange shag - it will look so beautiful. Hint when cleaning out, once something is in your hands - make the decision right then and there (stay or gone), and remember "it is only stuff".

Weaverly yours ........ Barbara

Peg in South Carolina said...

I, too, put my back out from using crutches and my doctor told me that was very common and sent me to physical therapy for my back as well........sigh....... So when I broke my leg a few years later, we rented a wheelchair for me.
I love the word verfication--logic!!!

WeaveZine said...

Dude. I am so there with you with the "really stupid, but I'm gonna do it anyway stuff." Sheesh! Are we stubborn gits or what? ;>

WeaveZine said...

P.S. Cork flooring sounds lovely!

Laura said...

yeah - my mom always said Stubborn was my middle name. Of course she named me, so.....

Of course neither she nor my dad were stubborn atall, atall - think I got a double dose!