Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Special Day

next pt placemat warp

May 9 has been a special day for us for a long time. Today marks our 40th anniversary (ruby according to my mother, which is also my birthstone).

It is also the second anniversary of my angioplasty and while the road to health still seems to have some bumps to overcome, I am grateful that I am still here, still weaving. :)

Mizz B will be finished her shawl warp tomorrow at the latest so I'll get her to dress the loom with the next placemat warp once she's done. My ankle is coming along, albeit more slowly than I'd like, and it will be good to get back to some pt weaving on the small loom.

I am hoping that by the time I'm finished weaving this lovely peachy warp that my ankle will be strong enough that I can dress the loom with one of the many painted warps still to be done. While I am using the crutches when I leave the house and on stairs I can mostly get around unsupported. Still not 100% but flexibility is noticably improved after the ultra-sound treatment on Friday. I'm hoping that the surgeon will be proved correct and that 12 weeks after the break/surgery I will be significantly improved. Improved enough that on the trip to the Alberta conference I can actually help Doug, not just sit around feeling useless. :}

Best wishes to everyone on this special day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a marvelous weekend! First, for the wonderful award acknowledging your talents and contributions to the arts, and then (but not secondly) on your fortieth anniversary. The other things significant to this day are bonuses. Best wishes for a longer and happy marriage and career, and good thoughts for continued progress with the ankle.

Karla in Montana

barbara said...

Life is good, congratulations to you and Doug on the 40th Anniversary!!! You have had your "ups & downs" health wise in the past few years ... each a learning; which will only make you stronger. Glad the weekend and today has been so special to you. Enjoy.
Weaverly yours ...... Barbara

Sandra Rude said...

Congratulations on the award, and a very Happy Anniversary! Keep being good to that ankle. And to Doug :-)

Valerie said...

Happy anniversaries! May things continue to improve!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! May you have many more. Today is also my daughter's 40th birthday. Good luck on your recovery. You'll be back up to speed in no time. :-)

Lesley in Delaware