Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of the Line - nearly

Still learning the new picture editing software. One of the things I'm trying to figure out is where it now saves things. None of the places seems intuitive to me - but then I'm a dinosaur. :}

At any rate, here is the last of the scarf warp. There is enough left on the warp beams for one more scarf and then it's done. That's about 20 yards of woven web on the cloth storage beam.

You can see a yarn hanging down. Actually it is an 'extra' warp end and it comes off the warp beam, goes under the tension box rail, then up and over the rod in the ceiling. The yarn gets a cardboard tube to weight it, and on which to wind the surplus yarn as it comes off. The distance from rod to floor is just about exactly the length of a scarf so it works well.

The reason there is an 'extra' thread is because I only need 79 chenille ends but I'm winding 8 ends per inch. Rather than remove 'extra' ends from the last section I 'waste' the 40 yards by winding it on the loom. It sometimes comes in handy if I have a broken end on that side of the warp. :)

After thinking it over I expect that Handwoven won't be particularly interested in my new scarves because they are done on 16 shafts and I'm not willing to write a project for doing it using pick up. What I'm doing is absolutely possible on a four shaft loom with pick up stick, but while I'm willing to weave more slowly than usual to get the results I desire, I'm not willing to weave that slowly!

Put in an order for more of the fine bamboo for another warp. Or 3. I'm having so much fun doing the new designs that time just flies and I have to be very strict with myself not to push beyond the 45 or so minute weaving period.

Had lunch with some guild members today and they all loved the new scarves. Here's hoping the buying public will, too.

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Annie said...

That's exactly what I would love to see in Handwoven: more-shaft-weaves! Tell them there are people who really miss those in the magazine!