Sunday, August 15, 2010

Special Orders

Finished winding this warp for a special order this morning. It's only 6" wide, but 11 meters long - for 30 mug rugs.

I hesitate to do special orders except that this client has been so easy to deal with. She pretty much gives me free rein to do what I want within general specifications. :D

She is understanding of and supportive of the time it takes to do something handcrafted because her husband is also a creative person.

My student will come back on Monday to weave her scarf and then I'll slam this warp onto the Fanny loom. My client needs the mug rugs for hostess gifts in September which means I have to have them completed before Labour Day when I start to travel myself. Since I'm also going to be away for 4 days next week (if my back continues as it is - or hopefully gets even better!) I'll have to really focus on getting these woven and hemmed in time to deliver them.

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Sharon Schulze said...

What kind of weave structure will they be? And will you hem them by hand? And will they have a little plaineweave border for the hemming or just the pattern throughout?

And if you can't answer all those questions, will you show them to us when they are done, or on the loom?


Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

I'll probably do them in a broken twill for the texture. Yes the hems will be in plain weave, woven with just one strand of 2/8 or 2/16 cotton, while the body will be a bundle of threads to make that thicker (protection against moisture).

And yes, as you know I generally hand hem because that works for me better than dragging my sewing machine out. :)

How is your turned draft working out, or have you had a chance to get to the loom yet?

who will no doubt post a picture of the cloth on the loom, too.

Sharon Schulze said...

Ah... that turned draft. I got bogged down in my unhappiness and distaste with the two-shuttle version. I think I could have overcome the two-shuttle annoyance but the treadling turned out to be very cumbersome and uncomfortable and slowed me down even more. Fortunately I put on a longer-than-necessary warp and I didn't get much woven so I'm going to cut my losses, use the rest of this warp on another (single shuttle, easier treadled) structure and then put on the turned draft.

In the meantime I've been diving into the finishing work. My goal is to do what has to be done here and get the stuff I can do by hand ready for when I'm on vacation at the beach. I might not get it done there, either, but if it rains or if there's a hurricane like there was one year, I'll be happy to have some handwork!