Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fighting the Good Fight

Did I ever mention how much I hate computers? Or at least software upgrades?

My perfectly good camera/picture editing software from Kodak was just dandy. Simple and essentially idiot proof. You know - for dinosaurs like me?

Until......we upgraded my computer to Windows 7 and I had to upgrade my camera/picture editing software along with a few others that won't run in compatibility mode.

Well, the new program does some nifty things - like embed text - but between that and Win 7 pictures are not saved in the same way in the same place as before. I am sure I will eventually get it figured out, but it seems like such a waste of time. :P~

Anyway, I haven't heard back from Albuquerque yet, but I decided to start pulling the warp yarns (and wind some of the warps). I'll be starting my travels on Labour Day and time will suddenly get very short, indeed.

In between trying to figure out new software I've also been working with two guilds in Florida nailing down details for January. I'm looking forward to escaping winter for a couple of weeks or so. Check my Schedule page in a month or so for details. I'm waiting to confirm dates and topics.

Today I also started my ledger entries for July/August. With the HST (prov. and federal sales tax are now combined) bookkeeping is going to get a lot more complicated for small businesses like mine. I can't afford to let 3 months worth of entries go and expect to get them all done quickly. Things like this make 'retirement' look more and more attractive!

Unfortunately my 'retirement plan' is to keep on working................

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barbara said...

Hi Laura,
I am with you regarding any changes on computers; just hardware, let alone operating systems; the learning curve is steep. I am frustrated with a new Website that I have to use as Team Captain for the CIBC Run for the Cure - they have sure heard what I think about their new web site!!!! It's all these new "updates" that will drive us all crazy; unless your mind understands computers and how they work ...... mine does not!!!!! I always choose the wrong answer, when asked if I want to do "this" or "that".

Just keep plugging away, and each day things will be a little easier, though the "learning curve" does take a lot of extra time.

Cheers & Good Luck With Windows 7.

Weaverly yours ...... Barbara

WeaveZine said...

Sympathies! I escaped Windows 7 by making the leap to a Mac. But I recently had to work on it to help my Dad with a computer issue and...ack! Non-intuitive indeed.

Pretty MiTW warps!

Laura said...

The good news is that the transcription software now works! Must have finally clicked the right option. :D