Monday, August 16, 2010

Mug Rugs

Got the loom dressed and started weaving after dinner. This photo shows the hem woven with 2/16 cotton, and the body of the cloth woven with a cotton slub, a cotton boucle and two strands of 2/8 cotton bundled together.
I weave a cut line between mats for ease in cutting them apart and serging, tucking the bundle of weft ends into the hem. I'm hoping to get them woven in the next couple of days so I can bring them with me to hem in the evenings while Sheila knits. :)
Usually I wet finish before hemming, but this time I'm going to hem them first because it's way too hot to fire up the steam press. It is supposed to cool off later in the week so with any luck I can get them done when I get back.
Well, the smoke rolled back into the valley again today and it's nasty with a promise to stay that way for the next few days. I'm hoping that Kelowna is not as smokey and that now I know my back pain is largely associated with the allergic reaction to the smoke that I can chew enough anti-histamines to stave off the worst of it. And that the trip to Kelowna on the weekend will give me some respite from the smoke. :( According to the weather report it is supposed to rain here on the weekend, so hopefully I will come home to fresher air.
But this summer has been brutal for wildfires in terms of smoke.

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