Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've just spent a frustrating 30 minutes but finally managed to get a YouTube account that YouTube would actually recognize and uploaded a couple of videos.

A friend suggested that it would be good to post some videos there as well as to my blog and website. Unfortunately I didn't find that the search engine showed my 'channel' or even showed my videos when I searched under 'hand weaving' or 'weaving' which were two of the tags I used. Perhaps I should try 'shuttles', too, just to see how many space shuttle launches are listed before my shuttle thowing! :}

Gotta love the technology - some days. Others - not so much!

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FiberGeek said...

Thank you for posting these videos, Laura. I have never really seen others weave (I am self-taught), so watching other people is a huge help. I aspire to get my beat as fast as yours.

Peg Cherre said...

I've woven hundreds of pieces in the last few years, and was still BLOWN AWAY by the video Throwing the Shuttle! I had to watch it several times, not believing what I was seeing.

I'm wrote a post about it and link to it on my blog -

I don't have a YouTube account, so couldn't comment there.