Monday, August 16, 2010

Sarah's Scarf

Sarah came today around 12:30 and by 1 pm she's nearly 1/3 done her scarf. This is the second thing she's ever woven and I have to say I'm impressed with the consistency of beat and the nice straight selvedges. :)
She's also catching on very quickly to issues of efficiency. She threaded a herringbone twill and we talked about weaving it with the herringbone treadling but she decided that trying to keep track of that treadling right now might be a bit much so she decided on a straight twill. I think it looks really good. She also recognized that threading something complex and keeping the treadling simple was likely A Good Thing. :D Lots more picks than ends!
I also read an open letter today from a style maven in the UK. She says bluntly what I have tried to say tactfully for years. No doubt a blog post on this subject will make it's way to these pages at some point as I sort out my thoughts about her comments. if you want to read the open letter and Mary's response.


barbara said...

Your student is doing a beautiful job on the scarf! You must be a proud teacher ....... and she should be a proud student. A job well done.
Weaverly yours ..... Barbara

Laura said...

She kept saying she wasn't physically adept, but she did a great job. :D