Friday, August 20, 2010

Smoke Free

Well, sort the north of Kelowna sits a huge bank of smoke. I'm really hoping it stays there. I will be home and back in the thick of it (literally!) soon enough. :(

The wildfire conditions worsen here with the smoke plume now literally across the continent and beginning to hover over New England - according to the evening news.

So if you live there, give a thought to the courageous firefighters battling what has to one of the worst wildfire seasons in (my) memory.

On the weaving front, there isn't much happening, of course. On the hemming front, I've nearly finished 30 mug rugs. I went way overboard with my fudge factor and wound up with 42 (not counting the one that has a treadling error in it.)

As soon has I've done 30 for the order I'll switch to the Diversified Plain Weave scarves. I cut off what I had woven so far and got them wet finished. The scarves from the first warp are en route to my friend for the September sale.

I'll head for home Sunday mask to hand. On the way down I drove for hundreds of miles wearing it - much longer than I ever expected - and fully expect to be wearing it most of the way home.

Praying for rain the whole way.

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Joybilee Farm said...

No smoke at all here in Greenwood, just South of Kelowna. I pity you having to drive home through it. I'll be thinking of you as you drive home.

Laura said...

Thanks Chris - you had smoke in years past - glad to hear that it's better this year for you and the critters. :)