Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Review

Finished Eric's book yesterday and noted on the back cover that there are 5 volumes intended in the series. This news makes me very happy because the journey being taken by Fiona and Eliot Post has been captivating so far.

In this second of the series, Fiona and Eliot are becoming individuals, making their own choices and learning to live with the separate ways their lives are beginning to diverge. They are finding that while they might be stronger together, they are also strong in their own right.

Yes, there is violence. Unfortunately there is violence - and loss - in life as well as fiction. I think that young people who read about the struggles other young people go through, and survive, might help them understand what life is about. It's about doing your best and dealing with the results of your actions, which sometimes don't turn out quite the way you think they should. Hmm - perhaps it's not just young people need to learn this?

I do have one nit-pick. There are rather more typos than I feel there should have been. :( The problem with typos is that they are jarring to the narrative and sometimes even cause confusion, such as the incorrect pronoun being used. But that said, I'm looking forward to volume 3, which I understand is already being prepared for printing.

Currently reading Black Witch Sanction by Kim Harrison


Lindsey said...

It tickles me that you read Eric Nylund since he is Syne Mitchell's partner.

Laura said...

Yes, I met Eric when I visited with Syne. I actually saw Mortal Coils in manuscript form - he'd just finished it when I arrived for my first visit. :D I love the textile details he incorporates - the camel hair overcoats, etc. :)

He's got a new book out for young adults (I think) and the next episode of the Post twins is in production.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

I'll have to look for Eric's books - they sound like fun. I've read the Black Witch Sanction - loved it.