Saturday, September 4, 2010

Never Enough

Here is the painted warp on the loom. I really wanted to use a navy blue for weft on this section of the warp, but Bambu 12 doesn't come in the nice navy that is available in the Bambu 7. Nor does it come in any of the dark purples available in the heavier yarn. :(

So here I'm using black, which is turning out nicely, anyway. A blue weft would intensify the blue areas; the purple would punch up the purple areas. Here the black is intensifying both equally, which is fine.

I do have a 2/16 bamboo with a higher twist, but until I do a sample and wet finish it I'm not sure that the higher twist yarn will give me the drape I want for this textile. So if there is sufficient length left on this warp I'll weave a sample and see how it turns out. I do still have 11 more warps (44 scarves) to weave so it would be nice to have a few more options for weft colours.

Since breaking my ankle in March I have been doing a lot of reading - as you will likely have noticed if you've been following my current reading notations. :)

My big problem is that if I actually own a book, there is no deadline to get it read, unlike library books which have a very firm deadline (3 weeks). And so one of the titles I have been eagerly waiting for is as yet, alas, unread because it was gifted to me for my bd. This is getting embarassing because I have been looking forward to reading it for a year! So I'm going to take it along on my road trip, and as soon as I've finished Hunger Games will start to read Eric Nylund's All That Lives Must Die.

I so enjoyed Mortal Coils that I was half way through it before I realised it was about 600 pages long! Now that's good writing!!!!

ATLMD is also a hefty 600+ pages, but I expect it will be as good a read as MC. If you haven't read MC yet and enjoy alternate realities with magic and good vs evil, rush to the bookstore (or library!) to read MC first, then ATLMD. Although it has little to do with weaving, our heroine does some neat things with string and the descriptions of the clothing the twins wear will appeal to anyone who likes textiles.

And that's all I'm going to say about that! (I did a review of MC when I read it - click on the book review label if you want more.) As for Hunger Games, I'm so enjoying that book that I went to the libary website and requested the other two books in the trilogy.


Sandra Rude said...

Lovely colors! (As Teresa's always are!)

Where do you get your 2/16 bamboo? I haven't found any that fine except a really fine singles at Habu.

Laura said...

Hi Sandra,

I get it from Maurice Brassard in Canada, but Halcyon in the US carries it too. Not a great range of colours, but since you dye.... :)


Anonymous said...

Woot! Nice review, I'll send Eric the link.

Michelle said...

I finished ATLMD last Thursday. It "is" as good as Mortal Coils and I'm looking forward to number 3. I've been doing a contrast and compare with the Imager series by LE Modisett. I think the Mortal Coils series is superior because Nylund is able to develop two characters into maturity. In both series though, most every difficulty seems to be settled with violence. I suppose reason and compromise are boring when written. On the other hand, I'm bored by battle descriptions. Even J. Caesar kept his short!
Certainly, with the movie Inception violence seemed required if only to keep the dream sequences straight.

I plan to start the Hunger Games series with books from the Library. Hope to get some weaving in between the good reads!

Laura said...

I don't like violence for violence's sake. The violence in MC and The Hunger Games grew out of the situation and nature of the characters, I think. Will look for the other book(s) you mention. Always love finding new good authors.

No violence yet in ATLMD. :D