Thursday, September 2, 2010


This particular weave structure and yarn combination loses quite a lot of length/width during wet finishing. Partly, I think, because of the rayon chenille which is fairly stretchy, partly because of the weave structure - two fine threads and one thick one in warp and weft. I think that means that the weave structure can tend to collapse a bit, especially when working with threads that are very flexible and stretchy. Well, that's my theory, and I'm sticking with it. :D

At any rate, I liked this design well enough that I made several, changing the colour for each scarf.

I know that a lot of people say they get 'bored' making more than one of anything but I don't. I get into the zone and just enjoy weaving. What I'm weaving doesn't really matter. :D

Over the years of offering woven textiles for sale, I have learned that many people like to have a choice. They may love the design but desire it in a different colour. So when I come up with a design that I personally like, it will often get made in several colours to offer people a range to choose from.

Once breaking down the mental barrier about weaving with two warps/shuttles and how much slower that was going to be than weaving with one shuttle, I'm finding this textile fun to create. I love the handle of the cloth after wet finishing and I'm enjoying the ability to weave motifs in a wide range of options. There are 14 pattern shafts so that means 14 different units to play with.

Frankly I doubt that I'm near to exhausting the potential of this draft and yarn combination. Goodness knows I've got pounds and pounds and pounds of rayon chenille left to weave! I did have to order in more of the fine bamboo, but that is on it's way and will be here by the time I return from Seattle/Bellingham next week. The naked loom awaits....

The next warp will be threaded in a different progression to better accomodate my new approach to designing this textile. Still not quite ready to share, but stay tuned.

Oh - and I'm getting used to the new camera software. Almost to the point of being willing to tackle the video software upgrade. :}

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