Thursday, September 16, 2010

Queen of Procrastination

a brand new warp - the peak of possibilities....

So, I've been procrastinating all week about getting the next Diversified Plain Weave warp done by messing about with computer software, weaving on the painted warps, visiting, reading - doing just about anything but the DPW warp. And the days have been slipping by. :(

Now, of course, I'm supposed to be working on the handouts for the Magic in the Water workshop for Albuquerque next month, and guess what? I procrastinated about doing that while I finally threaded, sleyed and tied up the DPW warp!

But there was a reason for the diversion. There are only 6 people in the round robin workshop which means that there will only be 6 warps in the workshop itself. Not enough to give a good range of examples for the participants. So I had to think about how to make the workshop valuable for 6 and the obvious answer is that I need to weave some samples for them to wet finish so that they can experience those combinations, too. And I needed to think about which fibres/yarns/weave structures that I would - and could, given my schedule - weave for them.

While I didn't think about the problem consciously - the threading was a little too complex for me to not think about that - the challenge stewed in the back of my mind and I've decided on my approach. And that, all by itself, is a good first step.

So now I'm ready to go through the workshop handouts, pull the ones that the participants will weave, and decide which ones that I will weave. With any luck I can get the warp yarns into the mail tomorrow, Saturday at the latest, and then they will have time to dress their looms while I go back to finish out the Fair, pack out, spend a couple of days visiting with friends and come back to hit the loom hard getting the samples I will provide woven before it's time to head south again.

Currently reading You Slay Me by Kate MacAlister - a little bit on the 'light' side but we'll see how the characters develop....

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